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How Does Logistics Work?

Have you ever imagined how logistics, or a logistics company works? Just imagine the time you’ve ordered your package. No matter what the online store is or from where in the world you ordered it, a reliable logistics service will deliver your package to your doorstep without any hindrance. In logistics, a massive plan is required to move your goods from one place to another. The following information helps you understand how a logistics company works to move your goods and deliver them to your door.
The Initial Stage of the Shipment Process.

When the initial shipping process begins, freight management handles your order. Initially, the package will be loaded from a warehouse into a container and sealed and the truck leaves the warehouse. The freight transportation leaves the warehouse and starts its journey to the destination port soon. Moreover, the containers will be kept sealed until the customs officials open them to check the content.
A shipment’s destination is determined through effective supply chain management. This data includes what port will accommodate the shipment. Before the cargo reaches the port, the freight transportation company must share all the documentation as per government regulations. This record provides detailed information on the product to the port authority including information such as its weight, amount, and type. Moreover, the final destination of the package will also be mentioned in the shipping line records.

Shipping the Product

Cargo Ship Delivery
During the time when the package reaches its designated port, the cranes will load the containers and ship the package before the proposed delivery date. As the freight transport in the designated area arrives, the cranes will load each container to the respective area and whatever containers need to reach the destination earlier will be loaded finally.

Multiple Ports and Ships

When the ship reaches the destination port, the documentation will be verified by the customs, and this includes the complete summary of the package. This document is known as the House Bill of Lading or (HBL). The HBL includes the details of the shippers, contract details, and related other information on specific items.

Moreover, a couple of days before the product arrives at its final destination, the ship’s captain will inform the government in the port country with all necessary documents related to the cargo on the ship.
Only after the captain receives the clearance from the customs the captain will dock the cargo. Meanwhile, the destination port’s customs officers will check the ship and containers for any items illegally entering the country.

Cargo Shipment Unloading

Once the customs provide the clearance certificate for the container, the ship docks and starts the shipment process again. With the help of large cranes, they will reload the vessel to replace the container that is fully unloaded in the current port. Normally, this process includes almost 100 dockworkers that guide the cargo containers to reach the right destination.

Loading Product for Destination Shipment

The package makes its final journey in the truck or local freight transport depending on the geographical area of the buyer. Normally, the cargo equipment will be loaded in a specialized truck or accommodated into a cargo train equipped to ship the packages securely to the buyer.

Final Shipment Process

Once the shipment arrives at the delivery hub, the product will be removed from its containers and filtered based on the individual store orders or individual buyers and placed on a truck delivery to the respective store in that region.

Expert Handling

Outsourcing your product logistics will be an effective way to navigate the countless paperwork and barriers. BGM is a leading logistics company in Dubai, we’re an experienced logistics company that provides seamless solutions for all logistics services. We’ll handle all the complexities in logistics and offer comprehensive solutions to make your product reach the intended buyer with high security. Contact us today and get your free quote.

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